Café Naya aims to complement the laid back vibe of The Palace Pool Club. Through its coastal cuisine, a shared platform of Mediterranean, Northern African and European island cooking, we want to transport you to a serene sea setting you yearn for in this bustling city. Capitalizing on fresh produce, spices, citrus and herbs, and using straightforward cooking methods, Café Naya brings out bold flavors in all of its dishes by Chef Mikko Reyes.

We wanted to put together a playful menu that can’t be identified through nationality but rather by flavor.  A carefully crafted mix of ingredients that feels familiar yet is interpreted from a unique perspective. Going back and forth, from the kitchen to the palate, for several months, we were able to create this menu, its structure ironically based on a typical “beach resort” menu, but then spun around on its head and settled on this distinctive offering. 

Whether you are looking to have a big night at The Palace followed by midnight eats, a quiet lunch or an after-work happy hour sunset session, Café Naya ensures an ambience where you can lay back and enjoy the tides.

Café Naya is open daily, 11 AM onwards. For inquiries and reservations, contact +63 917 550 9999. Visit www.facebook.com/CafeNayaAtThePalace; Instagram: cafenayaathepalace



A graduate of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM), Chef Mikko Reyes has mastered and has proved his craft during his stint at The Palms Country Club and Asian Development Bank. It was through these establishments where Chef Mikko learned how to practically manage everything that concerns food and the kitchen – from meal planning, conceptualizing a menu from scratch, sourcing the best ingredients,  to training his own staff.

In November 2013, Chef Mikko took over the Hungry Hound at The Fort. Come 2015, currently at the top of his game, Chef Mikko took the reign over the kitchen of Valkyrie and Café Naya at The Palace.  Known for his unapologetic style in cooking, in the words of Erwan Heussaff, Chef Mikko always looks to create dishes that are bold and ultimately well-balanced. He always puts a lot of thought into his menu, especially for Café Naya at The Palace.  This young, twentysomething chef is constantly improving and innovating, whipping up bold dishes with a modern edge for his loyal customers.



Known for his blog and YouTube channel, “The Fat Kid Inside”, Erwan Heussaff has made a name for himself in both the online and food business industry in the Philippines.  

At the young age of fifteen, Erwan would cook his favorite dishes and bartend during his own birthday party, and this continued on every time he would turn a year older. This passion for food and constant experimentation with different recipes, flavors and techniques stayed with Erwan up until college, where he graduated from International Business with a specialization in Hospitality.

Having worked and lived in different countries such as France, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece and Russia, Erwan has an extensive understanding of different cuisines and cultures. It was in these restaurants, hospital food and beverage servicing, and industrial catering and outsourcing in these different countries that Erwan gained the most experience. During these years, he shared his own food and drink discoveries on his blog, The Fat Kid Inside, and the rest is history.

Today, together with Chef Mikko, Erwan brings his experiences and materializes them through coastal cuisine in Café Naya at The Palace. He explains coastal cuisine as a shared platform of Mediterranean, Northern African and European island cooking. True to his vision, he loves making people try new and different things and this is one of them.

When Erwan is not busy doing online content for The Fat Kid Inside, the restaurateur and business owner can be seen bartending at Niner Ichi Nana and The Hungry Hound, while managing other restaurant concepts under the mothership.